25 days of DIY

Last year a friend of mine game my some Christmas decorations that she was getting rid of,

In the bag of Christmas goodness there was a advent calendar.

25 days of diy

I thought since this year my art room actually looks nice i would decorate it.

So i decided to hang it…

I was all excited and then my mom asked me what i was going to put in the advent calendar…

Hmmmmm, hadn’t thought about that.

I start thinking about it, and *ding*…

Light bulb!!


I went to Pinterest and looked up 25 things (give or take a few) that I have been wanting to do.

Then I wrote each of those things on a piece of paper and put 1 piece of paper in each slot.

I hung the advent calendar and stepped back to look at it….


I look at the last few numbers and they read:

18, 19, 20, 11, 22, 23, 24.

Anybody else see the problem?

OH well!

I just pretend its right! lol.

It made me laugh!

Anyway, go look up some things you’ve been wanting to do and make a list!

Or, follow along with me! 🙂

(Or both!)

Here’s my list:

1. this pin: blob paint and then blend them together.

2. glitter state outline

3. this pin: Stripes and hello heart.

4. Hot glue gun stand.

5. Fox Pillow

6. “Keep Calm and Carry a Camera” sign

7. “Creativity is messy” sign

8. Owl Pillow

9. Newborn posing pillow/pouf (blog post coming soon)

10. Embroidered Hedgehog pillow

11. I’m redoing a canvas bordered mirror and i want to finish it.

12. this pin: Hello Wire

13. Elephant/Zentangle large canvas

14. Button push pins

15. this pin: Chalk board “days until” sign

16. “sweeter than tea” sign

17. Button bib necklace

18. Chalk board label sign

19. Bow wallet/clutch

20. Chalk blocks

21. I havent had a chance to play with my new oil paints so i want to do that!

22. Water color color over white crayon drawing.

23. free day

24. free day

I surprisingly couldnt find 25 things i wanted to do, so i threw in a couple free days..

Here is my pinterest board.

Comment below some things you will be doing! 🙂

I know this is a couple days late, but i hope you will join me in doing 25 days of DIY!