Riley Blake Designs – Guest Post!

THIS Friday,

I will be guest blogging on the Riley Blake Designs, Cutting Corners Blog!

Me and My mom teamed up and created a super cute Quiet Book page!

If you don’t know what a quiet book page is, it is basically a soft (fabric or felt) book full of fun activities for kids to do!

I created the design of the quiet book page, and my mom sewed it and put it together.

We’re a great team! 
I love working with my mom! She supports me, and she helps me with projects,

and if i’m stressed out about a project she tells me it looks great, 

even if I think it looks terrible!

She really is the best mom ever, and i’m so thankful for her.

This project was supper fun, and I got to write a blog post for a super popular fabric designers blog.

….Wait, What?!….

Yeah! How cool is that?!

I cant wait for it to be published tomorrow!!!

I’m hoping that this guest blogging experience will bring my blog some new readers,

and if you are a new reader, Thank you!! 🙂

Thanks for reading this post, and i will be back soon with a new tutorial! 


xoxo, Sami