1st illy coffee ~ Scrapbook Layout

You may remember my smash book haul i did a while back…

Well shortly after that I decided I wanted to start scrapbooking too!
Before my missions trip someone gave me a scrapbook to fill with pictures when I got back.

I’m totally in love with it now!
I made a few layout a few months before my trip, but after I got back i filled up the scrapbook and had the best time!!!

I love watching scrapbook videos to get inspiration and I have a Pinterest board full of inspiration which you can find here. 🙂

But today I want to share my most recent layout!

I follow Studio Calico on instagram and i kinda challenged myself to use their mood boared to create a layout.

Here’s the mood board:

Studio Calico October 2014 mood board

The first thing I decided I wanted to use was the teal squares….

Illy scrapbook 1

I cut some rectangles of some black and white striped paper…
I was going to make the same shape as in the mood board but this happened and I liked it better! 🙂

I didnt want to put my picture directly on it though so I wanted to mat it on a bright teal color.

10718925_770820852974929_1077856836_o10733041_770820786308269_814613459_oIlly scrapbook 2

I used Aqua India Ink and a plastic wrapper to make my mat.
I put the plastic wrapper on my hand like a glove and dropped some of the color on the hand and smeared it on the paper into the square shape that I needed and just kept making it bigger until it fit my picture.
I didnt want it to be completely painted to I left it a little white on the corners and then I rough cut the square around my picture.


I added some torn vellum and attatched my picture to the inked paper…
The paper did curl a bit but nothing some adhesive wont fix…

I shifted the whole thing to the left and got really into layering…
And i forgot to photograph the rest! (“oops”)

But here’s the final picture!!!


I think my favorite (most inventive) part of this layout is the #1 at the top right side…
I started out using a white piece of thin cardboard cut into the shape of a 1 that I stamped with red ink…
when I stamped it It was laying on my notepad and left this cool void and I thought it looked really cool and went with the number 6/industrial element on the mood board.

Other things that were inspired my the mood board:

“illy coffee” speech bubble, greenish triangles, “oh hello”, orange sewing, “sweater weather, is coffee weather”,
rose gold metallic feathers, rose gold metallic dots.

And the finishing touch was to add some journaling around the top edge of the page…

I love how it turned out and its a different color palette for me and I really like it!
This mood board thing is so much fun and I will definitely do it again!
I hope you will try it too!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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