Knowing God is in Control and He Cares About What I Care About

This blog started as a craft blog, but it has recently become a place for me to write out my thoughts from my time spent with God…Maybe it’s just for me to read in future years to remind myself of God’s greatness and faithful, or maybe somebody has stumbled upon this post from pinterest or you are one the 171 people who have ever looked at my blog, but either way it feels really good to write it out. 🙂

I wrote out the first part of this on my instagram lastnight, so here is that post:

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The past few days I have been feeling alittle out of place in my spiritual routine if you will…I read Matthew a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it so I kept on in the New Testament. Then I switched it up to study some stuff for Sunday school, and I couldn’t get back in a groove of reading. So…this is one of the many reasons I know God loves me..he speaks to me through Pinterest! As crazy as it sounds he did, he truly does care about our desires! I was on Pinterest not even looking for bible related things…I was actually looking up crafty ideas for gifts, when a pin showed up that was about scripture study for women…almost without hesitation I opened it! She talked about how Bible reading and prayer is a privilege not a to do list item that has to be checked off! <-Bingo! Hit home right away! I kept reading and really liked some of the tips that are super simple but sometimes I need to be reminded of. In one of the tips she recommended picking one book of the Bible and studying it (I’m talking, read…re-read…read it again…take notes…repeat) she said she like to do that with Ephesians because it is only six chapters and you can have a day off if you get really busy or whatever. So read it and then the next week re-read it and so on. December 1st..on a Monday…perfect time to start this mini Bible study! December second, open Bible app and where is the verse of the day from? Ephesians 2! Coincidence? Nope. God planned! Confirmation that you’re doing the right thing…comfort…and just to remind me that he is in control and he knows what I’m going through on the inside and wants to take care of everything! I felt led to share this with you tonight…or maybe I just needed to write these thoughts down for myself to see next year when this is on my time hop? Either way I hope this encourages you as much as it does me! ☺️❤️ #praiseGodfromwhomallblessingsflow #celebrateyourfaithfulnesstome #toGodbetheGlory #Godisgreat!

mentioned link:

That was lastnight.
Today, God continued to blow me away and the sermon at youth group was about the same thing that the link was about!
Why do you do what you do?
Why do you believe in God?
Why do you read your Bible and Pray?
Is it becuase you are hungry to learn more and have a deeper knowledge of God,
or is it so you can check something off of your to-do list and get your “get out of hell free” card punched?

The whole way through service tonight all I could think was WOW!
like i said last night.. coincidence? No..God planned!

He is great yall! He knows what we need, when we need it, and he knows how to get our attention too!

I just wanted to share this encouragement with you! 🙂
If you want to share something amazing God has done for you, leave it in a comment I love to here testimonies of God’s faithfulness and love! 🙂

Love, Sami