Busy Life

SO much has happened since my last blog post!

For starters, I finished the scrapbook of my trip to South America last summer.
(my last post was all about everything I bought to make that scrapbook)

My computer got a virus, and I’ve been without one until this very moment.
I have great ideas to blog a lot and I really wanted to after my last post but without my computer I couldn’t really do it.
I still have things I want to blog about though, so maybe I will get those together soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

I graduated High School!!!
Well, sorta…
Being homeschooled is great and it does have its advantages…but because of state laws I can’t take the GED, that is required to signify the end of my high school education, until I’m 18. (January)
But I was able to participate in our home school graduation with all of my very best friends, and It was absolutely wonderful!

I’ve had a whirlwind of a summer!
Starting with a trip to the mountains for a week where I got to photograph my first wedding with my best friend!
If you have to experience a new first, I highly recommend doing it with your bestie!
It makes it that much better!!!

One week later we flew back to Armenia, Colombia for my second missions trip!
I love it! It’s always such a great experience!
The missionaries and pastors there are the most loving people you will ever meet!
We are there to help them in ministry and they want to take care of us!
And they do take such very good care of us!
I could do a whole separate blog post just about my time there!

We were there for a week, home for a week, and then back on the road again!
Summer Camp!
This was my third year at church camp and it was the best year i have ever been to!
Not that the other 2 were bad, because believe me God changed my life every time!
But this year was different!
The Holy Spirit moved every night, and the Lord was being glorified!
The speaker this year, spoke to us on a very serious note!
He didn’t hold anything back “just because we are teenagers”. And I completely respect him for that!

And a week after we got back from camp, I had my wisdom teeth taken out.
I was totally freaked out about getting an IV and i was so relieved when the nurse put the needle in and told me it was over!
I barely felt a thing!
I remember them getting me a blanket and then feeling slightly dizzy and asking them if I was supposed to be dizzy, and then i woke with the hiccups!
{insert laughing emoji here}
For a week I ate like a toddler, everything was in the tiniest bites it possible could be!
But I had quite a few milkshakes, which was lovely!
I’m mostly healed now, but i still have to rinse my mouth everyday and some stuff is easier to eat than others.
I ate a salad today for lunch and felt like i needed a nap afterwards! LOL!

And on top of all of that!
{drum roll please}

I have lost 35 pounds since January 1st, 2015.
I have gone from a size 18 pants to a size 10-12, and I went from a size XL shirt to a Medium!
I still can’t believe I’ve done all of that!
My goal is to lose 50 pounds, making me 150 pounds.
I’m not quite there yet, but I’m not finished yet either! ๐Ÿ™‚
I would like to start working out a little and get some muscle tone…
Again, I didย all of this along side my best friend and we have both had such great success!
I’m so happy for us! #wehaveskinnypicturesnow ๐Ÿ˜‰

Life is better with a best friend guys, and I have a great one!

And in between all of these crazy life adventures I’ve done commissioned paintings that helped me get back to Colombia, and after that have helped me get this laptop that I am typing on right now!
All of those painting commissions are blessings from God!
God is great, and His timing always works out better than mine!
I never remember that in the midst of waiting, but i know it better and better after every wait is over!

What a year already and its only the end of July!

Let’s see what else I can do this year!

Thanks for reading!