Riley Blake Designs – Guest Post!

THIS Friday,

I will be guest blogging on the Riley Blake Designs, Cutting Corners Blog!

Me and My mom teamed up and created a super cute Quiet Book page!

If you don’t know what a quiet book page is, it is basically a soft (fabric or felt) book full of fun activities for kids to do!

I created the design of the quiet book page, and my mom sewed it and put it together.

We’re a great team! 
I love working with my mom! She supports me, and she helps me with projects,

and if i’m stressed out about a project she tells me it looks great, 

even if I think it looks terrible!

She really is the best mom ever, and i’m so thankful for her.

This project was supper fun, and I got to write a blog post for a super popular fabric designers blog.

….Wait, What?!….

Yeah! How cool is that?!

I cant wait for it to be published tomorrow!!!

I’m hoping that this guest blogging experience will bring my blog some new readers,

and if you are a new reader, Thank you!! 🙂

Thanks for reading this post, and i will be back soon with a new tutorial! 


xoxo, Sami



25 days of DIY

Last year a friend of mine game my some Christmas decorations that she was getting rid of,

In the bag of Christmas goodness there was a advent calendar.

25 days of diy

I thought since this year my art room actually looks nice i would decorate it.

So i decided to hang it…

I was all excited and then my mom asked me what i was going to put in the advent calendar…

Hmmmmm, hadn’t thought about that.

I start thinking about it, and *ding*…

Light bulb!!


I went to Pinterest and looked up 25 things (give or take a few) that I have been wanting to do.

Then I wrote each of those things on a piece of paper and put 1 piece of paper in each slot.

I hung the advent calendar and stepped back to look at it….


I look at the last few numbers and they read:

18, 19, 20, 11, 22, 23, 24.

Anybody else see the problem?

OH well!

I just pretend its right! lol.

It made me laugh!

Anyway, go look up some things you’ve been wanting to do and make a list!

Or, follow along with me! 🙂

(Or both!)

Here’s my list:

1. this pin: blob paint and then blend them together.

2. glitter state outline

3. this pin: Stripes and hello heart.

4. Hot glue gun stand.

5. Fox Pillow

6. “Keep Calm and Carry a Camera” sign

7. “Creativity is messy” sign

8. Owl Pillow

9. Newborn posing pillow/pouf (blog post coming soon)

10. Embroidered Hedgehog pillow

11. I’m redoing a canvas bordered mirror and i want to finish it.

12. this pin: Hello Wire

13. Elephant/Zentangle large canvas

14. Button push pins

15. this pin: Chalk board “days until” sign

16. “sweeter than tea” sign

17. Button bib necklace

18. Chalk board label sign

19. Bow wallet/clutch

20. Chalk blocks

21. I havent had a chance to play with my new oil paints so i want to do that!

22. Water color color over white crayon drawing.

23. free day

24. free day

I surprisingly couldnt find 25 things i wanted to do, so i threw in a couple free days..

Here is my pinterest board.

Comment below some things you will be doing! 🙂

I know this is a couple days late, but i hope you will join me in doing 25 days of DIY!

Joann’s and Michael’s Haul!

Recently I discovered the smash book….

(dun dun duuunnnn)

But i loved it! So I wanted to buy one!

I went to Joann’s the other day to get white paint and letter stickers….

i got the white paint, decided not to get the stickers, and ended up with a smash book! 🙂

But i was in a big hurry that day so that’s all I got.

But a few days later i had time to go back and look around and get fun embellishments and stuff for my smash book.

(p.s. im going to be doing a introduction to smashbooking blog post soon!)

I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the bad iPhone pictures, I’ll be using my DSLR from now on!

I also forgot to take a picture of the paint i bought but i just bought the

Americana White Acrylic paint 8oz bottle..

I recomend buying the 8oz bottle if you paint alot, otherwise you’re going to be going through alot of little bottles!

Plus with a 50% off coupon at Joann’s you can get it for the same price as the small bottle! 🙂

iPhone November'13 435

Here is a over-view of everything i got 🙂

When I got my smashbook I decided to get the smashbook kit instead of just the book.

iPhone November'13 400

Here’s what came in the kit:

-The book

iPhone November'13 399 iPhone November'13 398 iPhone November'13 397

                                  Smash Tags                                     Washi Tape                        Tags (kinda like post it flags)

iPhone November'13 392 iPhone November'13 394 iPhone November'13 395

The Pocket Smash Book!

The kit was $24 i think, but i had a 40% off coupon on my phone!

iPhone November'13 413 iPhone November'13 414

I got these cool pockets to put pictures, etc. in!


My mom loved these tags so she bought them for me, I’m trying to convince her to start smashbooking with me! 🙂

iPhone November'13 419

I had been looking on pinterest over the weekend for some inspiration for my smashbook.

I saw how some people had decorated the outside of their books too, so i decided i wanted to put a word on the front.

When we got to the store I saw this and I loved it +Joann’s was having a 40%off scrapbooking sale.

You have to find the sales!!!

washi tape

Two washi tapes! I’m trying to grow my tape supply!

$1.40 a piece.

PicMonkey Collage

I liked these little chipboard stickers and this pack had the perfect sticker for a page I was planning!

(The name of this brand made me laugh “Hey Girl!”)

iPhone November'13 415 iPhone November'13 420

I got both of these stickers out of the $1 bin and they will be really good for fillers! 🙂

iPhone November'13 434

I had my eye on these paints for a while.

I took a oil painting class over the summer and wanted to experiment with them some more.

This pack was $12.99, again, I had a coupon so i got them for $ $7.80.

This was the only item I used a coupon on, Everything else was on sale! 🙂

iPhone November'13 406

I always get the multi packs of canvas, and i always buy them when they are on sale! 🙂

I picked up a pack and then realized it had a special price on it because there was a *very very small* cut in one of the canvas. That pack was marked down for *$3.50*!!!!

$3.50 for two canvas’!!!

I didnt worry about the cut because i can collage on that canvas! 🙂

+ even if that canvas had been completely ruined 1 canvas for $3.50 is still a steal! 😉

Anyway i wasnt going to get that pack since i’ve started making paintings to sell but,

my mom told me she would buy it for me! <–She’s pretty awesome! 😉 ❤

but i bought the other pack too! 🙂

I got all of this (-the smash book kit) for a whopping $33!

I saved $18.10!!!

without all the sales and coupons the total would have been $51.10, and i would not have bought half of what I did!

What I got from Michael’s:

I discovered copic markers a few months ago but i hadnt been able to try them yet because,

I couldnt find them anywhere locally.

But i was at Michael’s the other day and found them!!!

So I got two because they were on sale for buy 1 get 1 half off.

iPhone November'13 401 iPhone November'13 409

RV25 Dog Rose Flower, & R32 Peach

That’s everything I got! I have worked some in my smashbook and i am going to blog about it soon!
Stay tuned for that!



My name is Sami, and im a 15 year old DIY and craft lover!

I’ve always been artistic and loved doing crafts and about a year ago

my mom let me turn our guest bedroom into my craft room/office.

Well i’m also dreaming of becoming a architect and interior designer,

so the mess my room was in when i first started was driving me crazy!

So, slowly i am making my art room, EXACTLY what i want it to be

and I thought why not share my journey?

Some of my hobbies are photography, and singing

and like i already said architecture and interior design,

and of course ART!

So welcome to Project Art Room!

I hope you enjoy reading all about my journey, and I hope it inspires you to start a design journey of your own! 


xoxo, Sami!