DIY Office Chic – May, Craft 1

Welcome to the first post of my new series DIY Office Chic!

There will be 4-5 crafts to go with each room.

Here is the first craft to go with this months office from Ashley Ella Design!



• Mason Jar or some kind of container

• Any color acrylic paint

• Chalkboard paint

• Paint Brush

Contact Paper or Painters Tape and a Xacto Knife

• Marker/Pen


First pour some of your acrylic paint into your jar.


Turn your jar until the paint has coated the entire inside of the jar.

I used a paint brush to get the inside rim of my jar.

Turn your jar over on a disposable surface and wait for it to dry.


While you wait, make a heart shape and draw it on your contact paper,

dont draw it close to the edge because you’re making a stencil.

Cut a square around the heart.

If you dont have contact paper, put some tape on your jar (once it is dry) and cut your heart shape with the Xacto knife.


Cut the heart shape out


Peel the paper off and stick the stencil to the jar.


Paint the chalkboard paint on..

This brand takes a few coats; its not as good as spray paint, but it works! 🙂


After it dries completely, peel off the stencil.

With this brand of paint i had to be really careful because the paint started peeling too.

I traced around the heart with my Xacto knife and then peeled the stencil off.

After that, take a piece of chalk and turn it sideways and drag it all over the chalkboard surface;

Then dust off the majority of the chalk (I like to use a fluffy paint brush).


And then you’re done!!

Use your chalk or chalk marker and write whatever you want to!

 If you do this craft post it to instagram or twitter and use the hashtag #OCmaydiy

Thanks for reading!

Check back next week for Craft 2!